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Kat Steppe


Horst, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, spends his days in a nursing home, but would prefer to die. His doctor, Dr. Mouton, takes his desire for euthanasia seriously, but refuses to grant it until he has ruled out possible depression. The doctor begins therapy, and so Horst, after a lifetime of regrets, comes face to face with his brother Franz, the man responsible for his suffering.


Franz needs money, and the euthanasia of his only parent would be a godsend. It's a pity that Dr. Mouton has also invited Andrea, the woman for whom Horst has long felt a courtly love, but who has finally given in to Franz's advances. Andrea now realizes that Horst was the man of her life. In an attempt to reclaim their lost love, she wants to take care of him and make the rest of his life as pleasant as possible.


Franz is upset and fears that this will only delay Horst's dying wish.


Visits from Andrea and Franz rekindle the love triangle between them and reveal that the brothers' ongoing rivalry runs much deeper, going back to Lourdes, the place where their mother disappeared.



A Panenka, Isabella Films and Les Films de la Passerelle coproduction.

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