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By Thierry Michel

Affiche de L'Affaire Chebeya

A film by Thierry Michel 

A coproduction Les Films de la Passerelle, R.T.B.F. Secteur Documentaires/CBA. With the support of Centre du cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and Voo, de la Coopération belge au développement/OSISA/FIDH/OMCT/ASDI/Centre Carter/Pôle Image de Liège/EVS Broadcast equipment/TV5 Monde/RTS/Bruxelles Laïque.


"TheChebeya Affair, A State Crime?" is a political tragicomedy that is both the chronicle of an exceptional trial and a fascinating political thriller.

After the macabre discovery of FloribertChebeya’s body in Kinshasa, Thierry Michel set out with his camera to try to retrace the steps of this internationally known human rights activist.

The deeply moving funeral was followed by impressive demonstrations demanding the truth about what quickly began to look like a political assassination. Due to strong international pressure, the trial started 5 months later. He  filmed this extraordinary event where military officers judged chiefs of police.

Denials, lies, forgeries, the disappearance of evidence… the trial laid bare all the stratagems the police officers had set in place to prevent the truth from getting out, camouflage their crimes, and protect those truly responsible. In the name of state interest?

The issues dealt with in this film go well beyond the DRC and this particular case, and raise universal questions regarding the defense of human rights and impunity.

Technical sheet
Year: 2012
Duration: 96'
Language : French, English
Screenplay: Thierry Michel & Christine Pireaux
Direction: Thierry Michel
Cinematography: Thierry Michel & Christian Kawusoko
Steve Siku
Editing: Idriss Gabel
Sound editing: Idriss Gabel & François Fripiat
Mixing: François Fripiat
Calibration: Christophe Legendre
Music: A-Music
Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle
RTBF - Documentary Unit
CBA Audiovisual Center in Brussels
Festival selections (24)
Stars of the Scam
Magritte of Cinema
Cinema Novo Festival
Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival
Freedom Festival
Geneva Film Festival and International Forum on Human Rights
Itinérances Festival in Alès
Movies that Matter Festival
Festival 2 Valenciennes
Views of Africa
Amazing Travelers
Paris International Human Rights Festival
San Francisco Black Film Festival
Black Screens
Free Cinema
Harlem Film Festival

Congo in Harlem
Barcelona Human Rights Festival
Corona Cork Film Festival
Watch Docs IFF

Human Screen Festival
Afrika Film Festival
De Groene Belgo Doc

Price (8)
★ Grand Prix (Festival 2 Valenciennes)
★ Grand Prize (2012 Paris International Human Rights Film Festival)
★ Audience Award (Afrika Film Festival)
★ Maurice de Wilde Prize (De Groene Belgo Doc)
★ Special Mention from the Jury (Festival Vues d’Afrique)
★ Honorable Mention (San Francisco Black Film Festival)
★ Special Mention from the jury (Human Screen Festival)
★ Star of SCAM 2013
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