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By Agnès Lejeune and Gaëlle Hardy 

Affiche de Au Bonheur des Dames

A film by Agnès Lejeune and Gaëlle Hardy 

A  coproduction Les Films de la Passerelle - RTBF - WIP Made with the support of Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Wallimage la FGTB, ses centrales, le CEPAG - Femmes Prévoyantes Socialistes - Sodexo - Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles - Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral belge - Liege Airport - - Shelter prod


“They” range from 20 to 65 years old. They are “housekeepers” as we still say too often. Every morning they go to work for others. Some of them have not studied: they have worked in factories or under the table. Still others have been salespeople, educators, teachers or caregivers.

And then there were the upheavals of life; a man we leave or who goes away, the kids who wait, schedules which make family life impossible in a job we loved, and we plunge into housework: this work that no one wants and which since the dawn of time has been reserved for women. A job which, according to a still very widespread opinion, does not require any qualifications. Today there are more than 165,000 employees in the “Service Vouchers” sector. This unique choral song outlines the condition of these courageous and luminous women who take the challenge of writing a new page in their work...

Technical sheet
Year: 2018
Duration: 68'
Languages: French, Dutch
Screenplay: Agnès Lejeune & Gaëlle Hardy 
Direction: Agnès Lejeune & Gaëlle Hardy
Cinematography: Antonio Gomez Garcia

Sound: Jean-Sébastien Debry

Editor: Idriss Gabel

Sound editing and sound design: Sébastien De Mol
Mixing: Pascal Zander
Production Director: Céline Rauw
Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle
Festival selections (4)

The 25th Image – Social Film Festival

Travel Film Festival – Slow

Live Upright

Real Utopias

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