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By Thierry Michel & Christine Pireaux


Against a backdrop of crisis, in the Liégeois steelworks basin, five workers belonging to four different generations, mark time, throughout the seasons of life.


Film about five workers, five personalities with their hopes and their despairs in a banal and heroic daily life.


Chronicle of the seasons of steel or the portrait of a working class marked by 150 years of industrial history and carried away in the wake of the Cockrill ship going up the Meuse in a roar of Steel interspersed with a thousand sirens questioning the Future.

A coproduction Atelier de Production FLEUR MAIGRE, RTBF. With the support of Ministère de la Communauté Française. 

Technical sheet
Year: 1981
Duration: 93'
Language: French 
Screenplay & Direction: Thierry Michel & Christine Pireaux

Cinematography: Thierry Michel
Sound: Albert Rupf & Pierre Jadot
Mixing: Roger Defays
Management: Jean-Paul Willems

Editing: Dany Delvaux
Original music: Marc Herouet

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