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Unpublished fragments by Thierry Michel
memoire congo zaire BOX HD.jpg

This boxed set Mémoire du Congo-Zaïre, fragments inédits offers over 16 hours of Thierry Michel's archives on the Congo, extracted from footage shot in Congo-Zaïre between 1991 and 2010. They complement the films Le Cycle du serpent, Les derniers colons, Mobutu roi du Zaire, Congo River and Katanga Business. They allow us to discover many moments in the history of this country, from Stanley's conquest to the democratic elections of 2006.
These archives are organized in short sequences lasting just a few minutes, and grouped by theme: history, economy, tradition, culture, social life, geography, etc. Each of the 6 DVDs features an interactive menu that allows you to travel by subject and theme within each DVD.

DVD 1 From Stanley to Mobutu / The history of Congo-Zaire (1/2)
DVD 2 From Mobutu to Kabila / The history of Congo-Zaïre (2/2)
DVD 3 De l'Embouchure à Yangambi / One River - One Country (1/2)
DVD 4 From Kisangani to the Source / One River - One Country (2/2)
DVD 5 Mining Katanga
DVD 6 The Story Told / Post-Colonial Nostalgia

Unpublished fragments by Thierry Michel
in coproduction with Les Films de la Passerelle,
Fondation Rachel Forrest

technical sheet
Year: 2010
Running time : 
DVD 1 : 161'
DVD 2 : 159
DVD 3 : 183' (IN FRENCH)
DVD 4: 102' (IN FRENCH)
DVD 5: 210
DVD 6: 55' (IN FRENCH)
Languages: French, English
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