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By Thierry Michel


Luis Carlos, also called «The Rat» and Luciano de Souza also known as «The Chinaman» are two kids brought up in the streets, two Cariocas teenagers left to their own devices: begging, stealing, dealing and taking drugs, but also friend- ships, carnival with always arrest, violence and jail at the ,end.


For a month, Thierry Michel followed them and witnessed their everyday life constantly hovering between the pathetic and the tragic, to end with the violent death of one of them.


A unique document which was filmed in spite of barriers put up by a country that doesn’t want this of reality to be filmed.

A coproduction Les Films de la Passerelle, RTBF, WIP, MCF. With the support of Ministère de la communauté française. 

Technical sheet
Year: 1990
Duration: 48'
Language: French 
Screenplay & Direction: Thierry Michel
Assistant director: Bréno Silveira De Oliveira & Marisa Celestino Gabon

Cinematography: Jacques Duesberg
Sound: André Brugmans
Editing: Fernando Cabrita & Adriana Moreira
Music: Marc Herouet

Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle
Festival selection (14)
Cinema du Réel - Paris
World Film Festival - Montreal
International Documentary Film Festival - Vienna
International Documentary Film Festival - Nyon
FIPA - Cannes
Futura Prize – Berlin
BANFF - Canada
Francophone Film Festival - Namur
International Filmwoche - Manheim
Festival International del Nueve Cine Latinoamericano - Havana
Amsterdam Festival
Futura Prize – Berlin
Amascultura International Documentary Festival - Lisbon
Festival Dei Popoli
Awards (4)

★ Documentary Grand Prize in Biarritz

★ Award for Best Belgian Short Film of the years 89-90. Ghent

★ Honorable Mention at the Golden Gate Awards in San Francisco

★ Mesquite Awards Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center – San Antonio, Texas

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