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By Thierry Loreau & Pierre Barré
Affiche de Jeunes Solistes Grands Destins
More than a mere portrait of high level musicians who already enjoy public acclaim for the excellence of their art, this documentary series will reveal the man, the woman, the human being behind the exceptional musician.
Our wish is to get close to the soul, the sensitivity and the intimate personality of these young musicians. Each episode sketches the portrait of a musician, through a carefully balanced mix of rehearsals, concerts, interviews and archives. They are all members of various ensembles and play chamber music, but each also has their solo career.
They improvise with friends in the evening, just for fun, while having a nice glass of wine. Their passion for music is ever present. Some of them venture off the trodden path and play other styles. Yossif Ivanov plays rock music on an electric violin.
They don’t only play music, they also have hobbies that may seem surprising. When meeting them, our aim is to reveal the man or woman behind the musician.
The different episodes are therefore very varied, for each artist develops his/her own world and style. They nevertheless follow a common thread thanks to the presenter and guide Carole Veyt, whose energetic presence eases the transitions between the different sequences, and smoothes the passage from one place to another.
All these excellent young musicians, who are today in their twenties and thirties, represent both the present and the future of the new generation of classical music in Belgium. It is one of our goals to shine the spotlight on them and introduce them to the broadest possible audience.
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A film by Thierry Loreau et Pierre Barré 

A coproduction Les Films de la Passerelle/ La RTBF télévision belge Unité divertissement scène produced with TAX SELTER Du Gouvernement Fédéral Belge Cécile Gérôme SPRL/ Le Fonds Baillet LATOUR/ La Loterie Nationale 

Technical sheet
Year: 2016
Duration: 44'
Language: French
Screenplay: Thierry Loreau & Pierre Barré
Direction: Thierry Loreau & Pierre Barré
Cinematography: Didier Hill-Dérive, Marc Ridley & Michel Techy

Sound :
 Éric Chabot, Damien Defraene, Jean-Luc Fichefet & Olivier Ronval
Editing: Pieter Peeters
Mixing: Twins Audio
Production Director: Céline Rauw
Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle
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