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By Belkacem Hadjadj

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Children from Raïs, survivors of the August 97 massacre, gathered in a large room in their village around the creation of large collective frescoes (4m x 2m).


The camera captures the different stages of this creation with their comments, their reactions and their reflections on what they draw and paint. Evocation of the night of horror and projection into the future through the eyes of traumatized children.


The cases whose situation and story are the most poignant are followed outside the fresco, in their environment and their daily experience with what remains to them as  parents. They revisit with us for the first time, the places where they experienced the massacre, generally their old houses which they no longer live in and which are often occupied by the military. 


Their rare words spoken or sung, their unbearable silence in the face of questions  which awaken their pain, and their smiles despite everything, combine with the strength of their paintings to deliver the traces of their painful memory, the rest of their childhood dreams and to express their need to survive. 


Will these men of tomorrow be able to forget one day?

A coproduction Les Films de la Passerelle, Image Production. With the support of programme MEDA pour la démocratie de la Communauté Européenne & l'aide du Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles.

Technical sheet
Year: 1998
Duration: 52'
Language: French 
Screenplay & Direction: Belkacem Hadjadj

Cinematography: Ahmed Messaad
Sound: Farid Korteby
Editing: Stéphanie Perrin & Alima Arouali
Music: ALLA
Post-production : Christine Pireaux

Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle
Selection in festivals (33)
Mediterranean Cinema
Fespaco Ouagadougou
Cinema du Réel Paris9
North-South Media Meeting – Geneva
Youth Prize offered by the city of Geneva
Views of Africa – Montreal
Honorable mention of the DOCUMENTARY PRIZE
Input – Ouagadougou
Namur International Francophone Film Festival
National Independent Film Festival Brussels
International Festival of  Amiens film
Traces of Life – Vic le Comte
MedFilm festival-laboratory'99 Rome
Roaming, Ales Cinema Festival
Seventh biennial – Liège International Video Festival
Awards (4)

★ Youth Awward offered by the city of Geneva - Média Nord/Sud  1999

★ Award of the province of Liège - Liège International Video Festival

★ AAVS Special Prize - FESPACO Ouagadougou 1999

★ Honorable Mention of the Documentary Award – Vues d’Afrique Montréal

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