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By Valery Gaillard


1958, August 25th. The French Prime Minister lands in Conakry, Guinea. His name is de Gaulle. Hundreds of people have come to cheer him. But there is more to this reception than mere joy and enthusiasm.There is a man : Sékou Touré ; there is a party : the RDA (African democratic union) ; and there is a minutely prepared operation which is to draw Guinea out of the French Empire within hours. That day, Guinea said no to de Gaulle. She would pay the price for it.

A coproduction Les Films d'Ici, La Sept ARTE, Yumi Production, Les Films de la Passerelle. With the support of CNC, Ministère de la Coopération, MCF, Procirep., CEE. 

Technical sheet
Year: 1998
Duration: 52'
Language: French 
Direction: Valery Gaillard

Cinematography: Katell Djian
Sound: Olivier Schwob
Editing: Catherine Gouze
Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle
Serge Lalou - Les Films d'Ici

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