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By Jacques Donjean & Philippe Raxhon 

Affiche de Les 3 serments

A film by Jacques Donjean Philippe Raxhon

A coproduction les Films de la Passerelle / RTC Télé Liège / Centre Culturel de Liège – Les Chiroux / with the support of Province de Liège, dans un enjeu de Mémoire, de Progrès et de Citoyenneté, de «Commémorer 14- 18» de la Wallonie et de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, du Tax shelter Neo-tech 


“The 3 pledges” recounts the First World War and the German occupation of Belgium through the tale of François, who was 22 years old in 1914. The tragic events brought him to make three pledges: to answer the call of duty, of his heart and of remembrance. But can promises be kept in times of war?
This docu-fiction plunges spectators into the heart of the conflict by giving them an intimate account of daily life over the four years of war, with the help of abundant archives from the period and reconstructed sequences.

The tale is illustrated with historical commentary and through places of remembrance, and light is shed on the events in interviews with historians of various nationalities..

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Technical sheet
Year: 2014
Duration: 90'
Language: French, English, Dutch, German
Screenplay: Philippe Raxhon
Direction: Jacques Donjean
Cinematography: Jacques Donjean & Jean-Pierre Marziale 

Sound: Jacques Donjean & Jean-Pierre Marziale

Editing: Jean-Pierre Marziale
Sound editing: Pascal Zander
Production manager: Céline Rauw
Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle 
Jean-Louis Radoux - RTC Télé Liège
Lucien Barel - Liège Cultural Center - Les Chiroux
Festival selection (1)

Waterloo Historical Film Festival

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