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By Bernard Balteau
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Affiche de Little Miss Nobody

On November 24th, 1964, 546 Belgian paracommandos were dropped on Stanleyville (now known as Kisangani) in the Congo, to liberate several hundred Europeans, mostly Belgian, who were being held hostage by the Simba Rebellion. Despite their intervention, thirty-odd men, women and children were massacred by the rebels.
On that day, Brigitte Peneff, just 7 years old at the time, and her little sister, miraculously escaped death. Their uncle Marco was not so lucky. He was killed before their very eyes.
50 years after the events, Brigitte returns to the city of her birth in the Congo for the first time. Returning to the place of her shattered childhood stirs up deep emotion. She visits her house and the Hotel des Chutes, where she was imprisoned for several weeks as a hostage with her family and 300 other Belgians.
She also discovers the Congolese side of the story.

A film by Bernard Balteau

A coproduction Les Films de la PasserelleLa RTBF Unité Documentaire with the support of Fonds pour le journalisme en Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / de la VRT / du Tax Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral belge Circus Belgium Neo-tech

Technical sheet
Year: 2014
Running time: 55'
Languages: French, English, Dutch 
Screenplay : Bernard Balteau 
Direction : Bernard Balteau
Cinematography & sound : Bernard Balteau 
Editing: Sandra Biesmans & Idriss Gabel 
Sound editing: Sébastien De Mol & Pascal Zander
Mixing: Pascal Zander
Calibration: Benjamin Dewalque
Music: Bernard Balteau
Christine Pireaux & Thierry Michel - Les Films de la Passerelle
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