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By Patricio Guzman

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The day after September 11, 2001, murderous America set off again, with all its arrogance, on a crusade against the « forces of evil ».

Inevitably, I remember September 11, 1973, now 30 years ago, where this same America stirred up a coup d’état to knock down the pacifist democratic revolution in my faraway country, Chile, by eliminating its President, Salvador Allende, this « son of a bitch », as Richard Nixon liked to call him.


I can't stop myself from thinking about the dictatorship's brutality which lasted more than 25 years, years of suffering, death, exile and the suppressing of memories.


The guilty are so obviously so that one would end up accusing the victims, as if all of it had been nothing more than a bad nightmare invented by Allende.


The urge to look back at this man, atypical, revolutionary and fanatic of democracy to the point of suicide, compelled me, of course, for its historical reasons, but, above all, for its terrible actuality.

A coproduction Les Films de la Passerelle, CV Films, MEDIAPRO, Université de Guadalajara, P.Guzman Producciones Cinematograficas, with the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie, Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Communauté Française de Belgique et des télédistributeurs wallons et de Canal+, WDR ARTE, YLE TV1 Co-productions and the support of Fonds Eurimages du Conseil de l'Europe. Screenplay developed with the Programme Média de l'Union Européenne

Technical sheet
Year: 2003
Duration: 100'
Language: French
Direction: Patricio Guzman
Cinematography: Julia Munoz
Sound: Alvaro Silva Wuth & Yves Warnant
Editing: Claudio Martinez
Jacques Bidou, Marianne Dumoulin, Christine Pireaux, Ilona Ziok, Thomas Mertens, Jaume Roures, Patricio

★ Best Documentary at the Lima Film Festival

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