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By Thierry Michel

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For a month, Thierry Michel followed members of humanitarian organizations and soldiers of the Belgian contingent in Kismayo, as part of the United Nations intervention in Somalia. He filmed the daily life of these soldiers, living with them day by day the peacekeeping operations and the repatriation of Somali refugees to their village of origin.
This film questions the right and wrong of this gigantic and first global operation of military-humanitarian interference carried out under the banner of the UN.

Humanitarian success or suicidal quagmire, liberation army or occupation army, neocolonialists or peacekeepers, this document gives us a unique approach to an army in the field in the heart of Africa, an army invested with a mission of imposing peace on a people of the Third World.

A coproduction Unité documentaire RTBF, Télévision belge (CPB). In association with Les Films de la Passerelle. 

Technical sheet
Year: 1993
Duration: 58' & 85'
Language: French 
Screenplay & Direction: Thierry Michel

Cinematography : Patrick Van Nyen
Sound: Alexis Vanderperren
Editing: Anne Dejaer & Nathalie Pigeolet
Mixing: Jacques Clisse

Jacques Laurent
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