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By Bernard Mangiante

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One of the 160 sugar mills in Cuba. Around the factory, its village stands as an exemplary microcosm of a country in the midst of post-revolution. This is a chronicle of a return to reality: the daily epic of those at the forefront of upheavals. What will remain of the values that Castro's socialism preached and then challenged for 38 years?

A coproduction Les Films de la Passerelle, Les Films d'Ici, Intérgal Film, TV 10 Angers. With the support of programme MEDA pour la démocratie de la Communauté Européenne. With ther support of d'EURIMAGES & du programme MEDIA de la CEE  & PROCIREP & CNC. In collaboration with RTBF Liège

Technical sheet
Year: 2000
Duration: 90'
Screenplay and Direction: Bernard Mangiante
Sound: Henri Maikoff
Editing: Thierry Deamy
Sound Editing: Carole Vermer
Dagmar Jacobson & Serge Lalou - Les Films d'Ici
Annick Colomes - Intégral Film
Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle
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